Our Values


We look beyond the horizon to find new and exciting remote adventures. We’re passionate about shaping the next generation of adventure travel in Tasmania, and constantly seek different ways, routes and alternatives to meet our clients dreams and desires.


Everyone who works with us, from our office staff, ground staff and guides are the “real deal”. Our team is comprised of actual trekkers and travelers who have visited, or lived in, many of the destinations we go to. Our team is a network of highly specialized, and qualified people.


When we travel to the most remote destinations in Tasmania, we do so with the most experienced guides, reliable equipment and responsible travel ethics in mind. Travellers can feel confident they are in safe hands while on a Tasmanian Expeditions trip.


We are committed to responsible travel and true sustainability. It was a commitment formed when the company was established, and today, in the face of a multitude of threats to the environment, our commitment is stronger than ever.  In going places that other people don’t, we run the risk of bringing tourism and its negative impacts to new places. We aim to “leave no trace” in both an environmental and cultural sense, and be sustainable.


Our aim is to provide you with exceptional service and experiences; from your initial contact with us until you are happily home after an adventure of a lifetime. We rely on a comprehensive feedback system from our guests to ensure that we hear your compliments and concerns and continually do all in our power to improve our experiences.


Our ground staff are experienced in all elements of wilderness guiding, which means no problem is too big or small. With intellect, creativity and resourcefulness aim to tackle any obstacles that come our way.