Tasmanian Expeditions is the most experienced operator of small group walking and adventure holidays to some of Tasmania’s most pristine landscapes. Our tours offer true wilderness experiences, to mainly uninhabited places, providing travellers an opportunity to be inspired by some of the world’s most preserved natural environments.

Our deep understanding of Tasmania has allowed us to develop a pioneering heritage as well as offer the widest range of active wilderness experiences suitable for most fitness levels. Our leaders interpret, encourage and promote an understanding of local conservation and ensure our presence has no effect on historic, Aboriginal and archaeological locations.

Tasmanian Expeditions has evolved from its grass roots heritage to offer a wide range of exclusive adventure holiday experiences as diverse as Tasmania herself. Since 1982, Tasmanian Expeditions has used its understanding of the various pristine Tasmanian areas to carefully craft sustainable trekking, cycling, rafting and rock-climbing adventures around these unique landscapes.

What we believe:

We believe adventure travel enriches peoples life. Our core philosophy is to provide high quality, small group active wilderness experiences in Tasmania that follow a sustainable tourism philosophy. We aim to help you relish every moment of your travel experience.

Adventure travel is not about boasting experiences on social media or taking instagram-worthy photos…

Adventure travel is all about the memories you bring back with you.

Experiencing new destinations, challenging yourself, getting back to nature and experiencing our environment in an intimate and responsible way.